Časopis Bead & Button, únor 2014


  1. Timeless lace collar By Svetlana Chernitsky - Work in netting to embellish a necklace of SuperDuos with crystals and pearls, leaving a delicate opening at the front.
  2. Vintage vogue By Jane Danley Cruz - Create a pendant using the Bead&Button 20th anniversary focal, cup chain, and bead embroidery, and then suspend it from a Russian spiral necklace.
  3. Fanciful flowercup braid By Kerrie Slade - Incorporate Flowercup beads into an eight-strand kumihimo braided necklace and matching bracelet.
  4. Pearls & bows By Jane Danley Cruz - Stitch several sizes of pearls into a necklace of modified right-angle weave with a beaded bow at the center.
  5. Herringbone flair By Eleanna Zegkinoglou - Recreate the asymmetrical drops of the negligee-style necklace using a herringbone stitch, pearls, and crystals.
  6. Super spiral set By Michelle McEnroe - Use bead weaving to bring together three colors of SuperDuo beads in a spiraling bangle with necklace and earrings.
  7. Edgy elegance By Judy Henegar - Add an edging of cup chain and seed beads to a simple peyote stitch bracelet.
  8. 4-in-1 necklace By Julia Gerlach - Use basic wirework to make a long beaded strand that can be draped four ways.
  9. Bead crochet Sonoko's way By Sonoko Nozue, Jane Danley Cruz - Sonoko Nozue is one of the most well-known international beaders with a following of dedicated students and admirers that circles the globe. Learn two methods for bead crochet.
  10. The Business of Beading/Evaluating Your Jewelry By Leslie Rogalski - So you want to sell your jewelry…See if your jewelry can pass three tests before going public with your wares.
  11. Crystal corona bracelet By Sandie Bachand - Surround crystal stones with stitched rings of Twin beads, pearls, and "squaredelles."
  12. Vintage blooms By Amelia Brock - Cover a channeled metal pendant in peyote stitch with Lucite flowers and fringe.
  13. Lorelei links By Amy Leggett - Work a chain mail bracelet in a new weave using two colors of jump rings plus seed beads.

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