Časopis Bead & Button, prosinec 2012


  1. Pretty pinwheels By Samantha Mitchell - Stitch a bracelet of bugle bead ladders, crystal-encrusted spokes, and a matching toggle clasp for jewelry that's all fun and fireworks.
  2. Sea anemone bracelet By Deborah Hermanson-Pulos - Stitch a right-angle weave bezel using bicone crystals in organic tomes to match your cabochon. Then construct a bracelet of layered crystal-tipped herringbone fans for an oceanic wonder to wear on your wrist.
  3. Chenille cuff By Ann Spano - Embellish a peyote stitch bracelet with seed bead loops and accent bead fringe in this chunky, textural accessory.
  4. Crystallied collar By Cathy Lampole - Work in right-angle weave to make a shapely pearl centerpiece, coat it liberally with crystals, and then watch this necklace steal the show!
  5. Dome of pearls pendant By Diane Whiting - Pear-shaped pearls nestle together to create the domed form of this pendant and lend it a Victorian look. Seed bead accents and a daisy chain bail add just the right amount of detail; all you have to do is string it on your favorite cord or chain!
  6. Fairy tale ornament By Karen DeSousa - Combine Twin beads with daisy chain, pearls with lattice-like netting, and long bugle beads with fringe in this festive ornament cover.
  7. Squared away By Sandra Lamoureux - Use beadwork to sculpt corners for pearl medallions, and then assemble them into a pendant, links, and clasp in this necklace.
  8. Pleasing poinsettias By Dianne Culbertson Jacques - Work up a peyote stitch bracelet with a floral motif, add a dainty edging, and finish with a frilly toggle clasp.
  9. RAW power By Jane Danley Cruz - Metal beads and seed beads are a powerful combination when stitched together using right-anlge weave in this fluid semi-bib necklace. SilverSilk mesh or small-link chains are perfect for the neck straps and lend the look of fine jewelry.
  10. Cubism refined By Aurelio Castaño - Embellish a chunky herringbone bracelet with delicate rows of pearls and crystals.
  11. The pull of pattern and texture - Beadwork has an undeniable draw – when we see it, we want to decode it with our minds and hold it in our hands. In this final installment of Design & Color Mastery, we'll uncover the captivating qualities of pattern and texture.
  12. Contempo squares pendant By Irina Miech - Embellished filigrees and SilverSilk mesh are the materials of the moment. Together they make for a hot, hip pendant with plenty of timeless bling!

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